Reclaiming Light of Night-2 Pay Sign Up Opt 2

WooHoo!! So excited you’re investing in Reclaiming Your Mystical Relationship to Night, Chaos and Form:  Embodying Your Inner Goddesses Nyx, Khaos and Gaia Essences for Manifestation, Creativity, Belonging and Love. I can’t wait to support you in cultivating deeper connection!

To sign-up and make payment, use this form, below.  I’m creating a special area for you where the program materials and replays will be posted for you.  The email you enter below and the password you create, is what you will use to access this area once it opens when the program starts. 

If you’ve already created a login for another program on my platform, use the same one for this program. You’ll get a message that the login is already in use and there will be a ‘login’ link in that message.  Click it and sign in and then it will kick you back to this page. 

This is the 2 pay option where you will make 2 payments of 166.50 for a total of 333.00 US, one payment today and then one payment next month.