GC Reclaiming Light of Night Wkshp

WooHoo!! So excited you’re investing in the “Embodying Your Goddess Nyx, Khaos and Gaia Essences for Manifestation, Creativity, Belonging and Love” Workshop program!  I can’t wait to support you in accessing your Mystical Nature in a greater way.!!

Use this form to sign up.  I’ve created a special area for you where the program materials and replays will be posted for you.  The email you enter below and the password you create, is what you will use to access this area.

If you’ve already created a login for another program on my platform, use the same one for this program (Note, if you already have a login, fill out this form and then you will get a message that you have an account and to Login. Click on the word “Login” to get to the login page.  Once you’ve done this, you’ll get brought back to this form and can submit it to get access to your course area!)

The city, province/state, country information let’s me know what time zone you are in so that I can schedule appropriately.

Note: This program shows as “Free” in your account on my site as you paid for the it through the Grace-Full Connections summit.

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